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Z—Factor operates alongside biggest chain hotels, individual venues with conference facilities, DMC's, PCO's, CVB's, event agencies and investors. We are a group of former hoteliers and that's why it's easy for us to understand the needs of our customers.

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Adrienn Musits
Assistant Director of Sales – National Sales Office,
Accor Hungary

Our company has been using the services of Z-Factor for years and we could improve our market knowledge and our colleagues’ effectiveness also developed on Z-Factor’s results and test calls. I do recommend all the systems of Z-Factor, but once your sales department works at the highest efficiency – based on the Test Calls, you can improve the knowledge of the competitors with the great Competitor Shopping part.
We had some hotels with poor business qualification skills. With Z-Factor we could effectively improve these people’s knowledge on the qulification and they could implement it in their daily business flow and behaviors. Thank you, Z-Factor!

Katalin Tóth
Assistant Director of MICE Sales,
Corinthia Budapest

We started to use Demand Outlook because we wanted to learn more about our competitors and we heard just positive news about the system.
Since we have started to use it, we became more competitive compare with our competition, and this system gives the chance to monitor other hotel’s reactions, collateral.

Paulina Kołodziejczyk
Dyrektor generalny
Leonardo Royal Hotel Warsaw
Pre-opening Team NYX Hotel Warsaw

I started to use Z-Factor tool - Demand Outlook, immediately after taking the position of the General Manager in the first Leonardo hotel in Poland. It was a private property taken over in the heart of Warsaw, in the business district with an average occupancy of less than 50% ?? !! I wanted to find out why this is happening as soon as possible. Easy, intuitive interface encouraged me to use the tool immediately. The sales department reviews the competition's events once a week, contacts companies from the list (if we haven't had them so far) and takes appropriate steps to change company’s behavior in this case, so that every future event will take place with us! In Demand Outlook it is not about loading all possible information to the system. The tool gives us solid data about group size, length of stay, etc. Thus, we can make decisions if we would like to host such conferences or maybe we are fighting for another business 😀
I would highly recommend!

Michal Novak
Director of Sales & Marketing in Charge of Revenue
Crowne Plaza Bratislava

In the past members of sales department used to visit hotels twice a week a make notes about the events taking place in our competitors. This took huge amount of time that is now used to make sales calls and find new relevant business. Now when we have more time we can be more focused on making sales calls, site inspection or travel out of the city or country. We can also more focus on marketing, social media, guests and clients relations.
On the monthly basis we pull out report from Demand Outlook about events that took place in our competitors during previous month. We select those clients who might have potential business for us in the future and we try to make contact with them, invite them for lunch or coffee at our hotel and try to sell our hotel and services for their next events. This process is a huge success. We have won 7 or 8 huge events and and returned the investment in no time.

Eva Keller
Director of Business Development
Hilton Budapest

Before Demand Outlook has been introduced at our hotel trainees were sent to the competitor hotels to check the info boards but that procedure was neither effective nor accurate.
By using Demand Outlook our Sales Team can work with a reliable daily database with valuable market information, can follow-up events of existing clientele and is a great help to acquire new accounts.
Just a few weeks after we started to use Demand Outlook a potential account was contacted from the list and managed to win their next event worth Euro 15k. That success also motivated the sales team and encouraged them to arrange more calls.

Ksenia Korneichuk
Director Of Sales & Marketing
Crowne Plaza St. Petersburg Airport

We use Demand Outlook not to spend time of our employees to go and do board reading manually
This way we have more data for review. Since we have started to use it, we were able to convert 3 new accounts.

Ana Dineva
Sales Manager
Hilton Sofia

We are using Demand Outlook. Your company proactively approached our Hotel and this is how we've started using the service. Of course the Demand Outlook has helped us understand better the demand for events on the local market and more specifically the volume of events taking place in Sofia. What we consider as an added value of the Demand Outlook is that we can easily identify/sort the industries that are in the event business and we gather additional client data base to prospect further.
Hope this information is useful to you and to the development of your products and services.

Paweł Paczek
Director of Sales & Marketing
Courtyard by Marriott Warsaw Airport

Z-factor contacted us a few years ago and offered its services. We worked with Knowland (American company) offering similar services.
After comparing services and prices, we decided to start cooperation with Z-factor.
We recommend Demand Outlook and Competition Shopping – great way to learn what’s going on within our competition.
Since we have started using it, It’s much easier to learn, what is going in in the neighborhood- and we as a sales team – can concentrate more on getting the business, instead of looking for it.
Info from Demand Outlook helped us to gain a big company from FMCG segment, which we saw often organizing events in our competition hotel.
It was a big company with a lot of small and medium meetings and a lot of room nights. It had a big impact on our yearly mice and group revenue.

Nikola Gondolán
Assistant Cluster Head of Sales
NH Prague City
NH Collection Prague

Many greetings from Prague. We were contacted directly Z—Factor sales member. What has changed since we started using Demand Outlook? As we were doing competition checks regularly by our own, we saved quite a nice time and also have more reliable date, because we definately didn´t check the competition daily. How did we benefit from using it? We saw some events from a client, which we didn´t know by our competition (Solar turbines), so we start to investigate and I contact the client, so we already received some nice business from them. On other hand we lost an event with explanation, that the event was cancelled, but later we saw, that they had this event, but somewhere else. So since then, we are more carefull with this client and we are doing more follow ups.

Stefan Savic
Director of Sales & Marketing
JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

We started to use Demand Outlook 3-4 years ago in order to improve competition check process to obtain right info. We become more strategic and aware of local market events/groups/trends. This tool is good to identify new prospect accounts as well as one that requires developing. Due to the Z—Factor we manager to bring Schlumberer to property and maximize their potential for transient business as well as groups.

Dr Katarzyna Urban
Director Lubelskie Convention Bureau

Over the past 4 years, Z-Factor has provided an analysis of data acquisition from the meetings industry sector in Lublin. Analysis of research results from the Demand Outlook system gives the Lublin Convention Bureau (LCB) possibility to respond to trends in the regional meeting market, forecasting changes, as well as matching promotional activities to the potential of the tourism sector in Lublin.

Violetta Romero de Torres
Area Director, Revenue Optimization, Eastern Europe, Russia and Turkey
Radisson Hotel Group

General Managers and commercial teams would definitely love the opportunity to learn more about M&E pricing and offering of competitor hotels. Information provided by Z-Factor helps to optimize sales & pricing strategy and is organized in a user-friendly interface which makes the use of the platform a nice daily routine.

Tanya Podgoretska
Cluster Commercial Director
Hilton Prague
Hilton Prague Old Town

I find Z-Factor data extremely useful and very well organised. It gives a good direction for the sales team on where the business nests, plus is crucial for market trend and size analysis. For the established corporate markets it is an absolute must. If you started on a market that is new for you – it will very fast give you a clear and fair idea on what to expect from this market and where to send your team for hunting.

Mateusz Czerwiński
Warszawska Organizacja Turystyczna

The Warsaw Tourist Organization has been using Demand Outlook provided by Z - Factor since 2015. Data provided by the platform is for WOT the key in the process of size and characteristics of the conference local market ongoing assessment. Thanks to the Demand Outlook data Warsaw Convention Bureau published every year the report „Meeting industry in Warsaw” in a coherent methodology of methods and a reliable comparison of data year to year. Additionally, as a local tourist organization, WOT gives the access (365 days a year, 24 hours a day) to current data from Demand Outlook over 100 of its members (one of the benefits of belonging to an organization), which allows all entrepreneurs from the MICE and recreation sector take business decisions based on reliable market information. I recommend to all organizations dealing with destination marketing to consider cooperation with Z - Factor in terms of these and other benefits.

Paweł Lewtak
Członek Zarządu / Dyrektor Hotelu
Polonia Palace Hotel, Warsaw

We are satisfied with cooperation with the Z-Factor company, with which we had the opportunity to cooperate for over 3 years. Z-Factor provided services for the Conference and Banquet Department at the Polonia Palace hotel: Demand Outlook, coaching sessions and Test Call program. Services were performed in a reliable and conscientious manner. Special attention deserves the care of management and employees of the company for a high standard of service quality, flexibility and adaptation of procedures to the needs of our facilities. We recommend Z-Factor as a reliable partner.

Darya Gomelyuk
Assistant Director of Sales
DoubleTree by Hilton Minsk

The system is really very good, still exploring it’s possibilities.
The interface is very user-friendly and analytics gives a wide overview of the market.

Zoltan Konsanszky
Regional Director, Global Sales Eastern Europe, Russia & Emerging Markets
Marriott Hotel Holding GmbH

Demand Outlook is a great way to access easy to read data. Whether it is on a segment, or industry level meeting history, Demand Outlook enables our sales teams, and above property users to target the relevant customers based on their hotel(s) feature. We have more accurate data, which allows us to be faster in following up on companies.
Thanks to Z—Factor we could consolidate a larger area, where we could join forces between hotels and above property colleagues identify prospect accounts not yet using our services bringing incremental multi-market sales opportunities.

Agnieszka Faracik-Leśniak
Managing Partner
DMC Poland

I want to express our satisfaction in working together with Z—Factor team on several projects on sales & marketing activities. We couldn’t think of any better partner to help introduce modern solutions for our company that have a huge impact on the result of our activities. They have the expertise and experience with the responsiveness, character and true partnership that any company would want. The responsiveness you will get with them and the personal attention they give you in, a driving force in the success. We really appreciate this effective way of working together on achieving the same goal: the satisfaction of the client.

Magdalena Kondas
Redaktor Naczelna

Test Call is a great tool for monitoring the properties readiness to cooperate with conference organizers. For 5 years we have been using the tool as part of the audit of all properties nominated for the MP Power Venue award.
We are glad that all nominated objects receive very valuable analysis of strengths and weaknesses. A look at your own sales from the customer's perspective is something that often helps you see gaps in the sales process and employee’s competences that you can't see from the inside. Test Call is a great value for all the competitions we organize, and recommendable solutions for businesses in our industry.

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